Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Taking some time for Some Thursday Thoughts with Jennifer over at Ramblings of a Suburban mom.

  • Came to realize last night that my sister has never seen The Thing Called Love. I'm not sure how I had let such a travesty happen. To be only 19 she has seen all of the classics so hard to believe I had let one slip. :( She said she liked it once it was over but then somehow I found out she hasn't seen Shag. I'm thinking that will be tonight's movie.

  • All of this snow is nice and all but since we missed so many days a couple weeks ago I have no idea when we are going to be making these all up. We got so much this afternoon and then it sleeted last night and they are calling for more today. This is after about 4 hours yesterday.

  • When the boys spend all day outside playing in the snow I think we could live up north but then the second day happens and I remember why we moved down south when I was younger ;)

  • Again with all this snow I have a couple packages I want to send out but I don't want to make the mailman walk up to my house so I'm thinking they won't make it until next week. They aren't a rush or anything so they can wait but I really like my mailman so I don't want to make him upset with me. LOL
  • I really need to pack for our trip to Charlotte this weekend but I'm just not there.  I should have plenty of time today since we aren't going anywhere but just not motivated to do it.  
  • Oh and this is the most exciting sale I've seen. Erin Condren is having a 40% off sale. You have to buy both a planner and labels but they are both 40% off. That is just way to Awesome.

  • I'm still waiting on my Ipsy bag this month. I peeked and am very excited for my items but I don't know the colors and that could change some of my thoughts. I even went out in the snow yesterday to see if it was here. LOL I'm also getting our first Citrus Lane in a couple months and I'm beyond excited.  C will be excited too when he gets his mail. He already has my love of mail.
Well the boys are already clamoring to head back out and sled so off to get them all decked out.  Everyone have a great day and if you have this snowy weather stay warm and safe.


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