Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up with Jenn again as usual for some Friday Phone Dump.  I didn't really take a ton of photos this week as we are finally getting into the swing of things after a week off with the snow.  

We made a trip to Target and this was how C rode the whole time. He really wanted to look for Anna and Else Disney Infinity Characters but they are sold out everywhere.  Sorry kid you will have to wait.

Since every boy needs two Ipads in his fort. LOL  He was really more playing with the Imaginext but he had both Ipads playing a different show.  

It was a jammie day the other day.

And per usual carpool is exhausting and he just can't make it.  Good thing it was jammie day and he was already dressed for his nap.

Very random photo of the week. My friend has a bird building nests above her door and when we had the same problem someone told us to put a rubber snake up there.  We didn't have a rubber snake so we put a plastic dinosaur up there and it has stayed up there since.  We do get some interesting questions from people who come knocking on my door but it works. So if you ever have this issue I think any plastic toy makes the birds think that space is occupied. ;)

Yeap that's it nothing else exciting this week. How was your week?  Anything fun and exciting go on?


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  1. Haha, I love the dinosaur! Same difference, right?


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