Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jenn for Thursday Thoughts.

  • I'm so really dreading going bathing suit shopping.  I don't mind the actual wearing a bathing suit but the act of going from store to store and basically getting naked to try and find the one that fits best. I might as well grab jeans when I go in there too since my other most dreaded shopping trip. Anyone have any favorite stores for bathing suits?
  • Have I told you all how excited I am for the Veronica Mars movie coming out in March?  LOL yes I know I'm a little obsessed but its getting so close and I'm working my way through the whole series so I'm ready to go and it is just as good now as I remember it being back in the day.
  • I'm pretty excited for my trip and getting to read books and not be interrupted.  I'm thinking of taking three books with me.  Hmm I wonder if that is enough?
  • C and I are going to Target once I pick him up. He's been asking for days and we are finally going. He loves to look at the toys and then he'll sit in the cart and let me do the shopping. Hoping we get everything we need so we don't have to go again tomorrow. ;)
So what are you thinking of today? Any big plans for the weekend you are getting ready for?



  1. Belk. They had some pretty suits last year that helped hide some leftover baby weight. I was very pleased.

    1. Thanks. I think I'm going to make the rounds at the mall. My one last year came from Belks and it just didn't last but I do love their patterns.


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