Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

 Linking up for some Thursday Thoughts.

  • Spent the morning out running errands. I met with the photographer who took our pictures a couple weeks ago, then I was planning on going straight to Target but I ended up make a stop at Michaels.  Lots of clearance goodies there right now.  So much fun.
  • I love love love how our pictures came out. Here is just one of the family ones. It was so cold that day but I love how they came out. Thank you Kelly!!!

  • Did you see my post on my new Erin Condren stuff yesterday?  I'm in love and I just keep picking it up and oogling it.  LOL

  • N wanted pencils or erasers to take for his Valentine's this year.  I grabbed some erasers at Target today so hopefully we will get some time to work on his cards this weekend.  C decided he needed temporary tattoos so he picked some Phineas and Ferb cards last week. LOL He is so silly but has a pretty set mind.
  • C has all of a sudden really got in to Calliou.  I remember N loving this show but really he is so annoying.  I'm not sure we have another show that is as bad as this one right now. 

  • Girls night tonight and then date night tomorrow. I'm going to be a spoiled girl. ;) But I'm so excited and ready for both.

So what are you thinking about today? Anything fun and exciting?



  1. I love how your pictures turned out! I used to belong to a scrapbooking group by a lady who sold Close to My Heart. It was so much fun-I miss it. Now my only Mom's Night out is with my book club. Have a wonderful date! My husband and I date every other Friday morning when he is off and the kids are at school. But...we need to find a babysitter. Both of our babysitters left the country (sounds funny to say, hahaha) about 2 years ago.

  2. LOVE your pictures!!!!!!! And OMG Calliou. He bugs me. Plus I can never figure out how to say his name, so that's an issue too.


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