Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Linking up for some Thursday Thoughts with Jenn over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom.

  • Since I've been giving the Veronica Mars love lately I am loving going back through the episodes and they are just as good now as when they premiered. I've seen them hit or miss in reruns when they were on SoapNet but watching them in order is awesome.
  • Why are the weeks that I get good boxes to blog I have a crazy busy week and I have a hard time getting around to blogging them and its what I really want to do.  New boxes yesterday so hopefully the blogs will be coming soon.
  • I'm still loving the Olympics and they are part of what is taking my time as all I want to do is watch them.  I'll be kindof glad when they are over and things are not so exciting.
  • Still wondering what happened to my mail on Tuesday and why it didn't come at all. At least they made up for it yesterday by coming three times. LOL 
  • Don't you hate when you know you've seen things you like but then when you decide its really what you want you can't find it.  :(  Another reason I've been so crazy this week running around.
So I think that is what is randomly on my mind today. What are you thinking about today? Anything interesting?



  1. Three times!!!!?? Did they deliver one piece at a time or maybe you had THAT much mail!!!!

    1. Possible since I did get 4 boxes yesterday ;) but no the first lady just gave me what she said was Tuesday mail and then a couple hours later a box was sat on my front porch and then a couple hours after that my regular mail came with more boxes and stuff in the box. Thankfully today it all came at one time another box on my porch and junk in the box. :)

  2. i don't get why NOBODY got mail tuesday!

  3. What on earth happened on Tuesday? Where did all our mail go???

    1. Conspiracy I'm sure of it. Did other people besides us not get mail? Someone was hogging all our boxes.


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