Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Phone Dump

Linking up as usual for some Friday Phone Dump/

We got two days of school in this week and then the snow came and then the ice and then more snow. LOL It has been an at home kindof week. The boys have been loving it.
So is officially 3 and 3 is so hard. The first couple of days he had a meltdown every afternoon.  I will say he did not care for me taking his picture.
 The boys did have a ton of fun sledding. Pretty sure they would stay out there all day everyday.


 If you can't tell from above C had a blast and has been loving it out there with all of his friends.
N had set the cube up in front of the fire to sit on when warming up and Kali decided that it was the perfect spot for her. She loves the fire too.
 Just too cute not to share. C is so silly sometimes and this is what we get when he wants to take pictures of his self and mommy.  Selfies :)

Poor C. This is what happens after he is outside or at the neighbors for almost 6 hours today. He wanted a few minutes with his Ipad and he didn't even make it 5minutes before he was out.  Snow is hard work.

So there you go my random week in pictures. We didn't do a ton productive but just played around and enjoyed the weather. We will not be enjoying it when they try to figure out when we will make up all these days but for now we will enjoy.

Have a great weekend everyone,

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