Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Morning Musing


Ah Monday why must you come again. :)  We had a pretty busy weekend here and therefore we had a rough time getting out and going to school this morning. Poor N just didn't really want to go but since they are calling for more snow this week I have a feeling he will have a snow day at least on Wednesday so he had to go today.  Plus C and I have plans to go to the library for storytime today and staying home with N was not on the list of todos today. LOL

Weekend Update: Yesterday was Cs birthday and we had some family over for dinner. C had a cake he picked out and of course it had to be pink and not just regular pink hot pink. He's only 3 once so we let him get what he wanted but I need to make sure to keep these pictures for when he gets older. ;)

Before we celebrated his birthday we went to another friends birthday at the Little Gym. We have never been to a gym facility with him before and C was quite the little joiner. He had a great time and was so cute.

Upcoming Week: Lets see what all is coming up this week. Both boys have their Valentines Parties this week and then next weekend we will be heading to Charlotte to do birthdays with my family.  Should be lots of fun. Also taking them to see the Lego Movie. Everyone says its good and N is excited he can't wait to see it.

Box news:  I think Ipsy should be here this week. Our GlamRooms updated this morning and I'm excited for what I'm getting but their are lots of color options so I'm hoping for ones that will work for me.

Business News:  Today (2/10/2014) is the last day to take advantage of the free In Color Marker set when signing up for My Paper Pumpkin.  You can check out my post HERE for more information.

So what are you up to this week? Anything fun?  Are you expecting snow this week?  I'm pretty much over the cold weather and ready for spring to come. NC isn't supposed to have this much bad weather in the winter and I'm over it. LOL

Have a great week,

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