Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Morning Musings

Oh Monday how I was so looking forward to you. :)  I know not normally how that goes but after all the snow days last week I'm so happy to be back to the routine. Now if it would only not rain everyday this week it would be a good one.

  • So who all watched the Superbowl?  Of course we had it on here especially with Russell playing and we are very glad the SeaHawks won but it was kindof a boring game.  I was hoping for a closer game.  Did you like the ads? My favorites are probably the Radio Shack one and the Cheerios one.  They  both made me smile and I liked that I hadn't seen those before the actual game.  I kindof like the anticipation of having to wait until the game to see the ads.  Thoughts on halftime?  I thought it was pretty good.  Bruno went out there and did his thing. Nothing over the top or too over produced and who doesn't love the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are awesome.
  • So besides that I got to go scrapping with my friends on Saturday. I said my farewells to Archivers and I will be so sad that we can't go there anymore.  Such a sad day for a great store and I will miss all the wonderful employees who are  more like friends then employees. :(
  • Also did you see my Julep post the other day?  I did get a chance to put a coat on before I went out and decided that Glam Roc was the way to go. OMG I'm in love. It is a dark purple with a stardust finish so it has some texture.  Love love love

  • So Friday night the boys wanted to watch a movie in my room.  So we set it up and they were all cozy in there nice and quiet and I check on them about 20 min before the movie was over and they were good. I went up 5 min after the movie was over and they were out. Needless to say M and I slept in the visitor room (that is what N calls our guest room ;)) Oh and C is not naked in this picture but I think the flash reflected off of his diaper. LOL

  • Lets see what about boxes this week?  My Wantable  Intimates went into processed today so it should be out tomorrow or Wednesday so possible later this week. Funny story on Saturday I was a walking Wantable  ad. Well not that everyone got to see it but I was wearing socks, panties, bralette, and cami all from my boxes.  What can I say I'm in love with everything.
  • So plans for this week.  Hmmm tomorrow I'm heading to Ns school to read to his classroom and have lunch with him. I was going to do this last Tuesday for his birthday but with all the snow days we had to postpone until tomorrow.  I have a girls night out on Thursday that I'm really looking forward to and then Sunday is Cs birthday so we'll be having a C day that day and a family dinner that night.  We are hoping for no more snow this week and we can make it through the whole week (and Saturday) of school.
What do you have planned this week? Anything exciting and fun?


disclaimer: Those are some referral links up there or links to another post that has a referral link in it. As I've said before if you order through it I will get credits toward future boxes and I will be very grateful.

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