Monday, February 24, 2014

Wantable Feb Makeup Box Review

Oh my was I excited for today's mail.  I had skipped my Wantable makeup box in January since with the holidays I hadn't gotten to to using my December box but it was a very long wait then to get this one.

Oh happy mail day it was for me.  

Here is my list for this month. As usual I get on and modify my survey up each month just a little at least depending on my mood. They have the best survey around and in your box you should get more things that you love and like and never get what you dislike. I love that feature.

And now onto my goodies this month. :)

  • Mistura Beauty Retractable Brush ($18.82) - This actually could not have come at a better time. My blush brush is getting a little rough and I have a couple trips coming up so getting a nice retractable brush that is also cruelty free.
  • ncLA Nail Lacquer in Laurel Canyon Lolita ($16) - Reading the description of this one is making me laugh. It says that it is a fuchsia that is shall we say it, grown up! This baby was born and raised in Laurel Canyon, so she's wise beyond her years and sexy as all hell.  Not sure I could say it any better then that and they are also a 5 free lacquer.
  • La Bella Donna compressed mineral blush in marcella ($27) - Blush is one of my go to products and I wear it everyday so it is one of the items I do go through faster then others. This is a nice lightweight formula and while its not as pink as I normally wear its not too orange for me either and I think I could like it.
  • Be a Bombshell eye base in Chrome Sweet Chrome ($14) - This is totally something I would by myself. Its a highly pigmented long lasting cream eyeshadow base.  I've been having fun with cream eyeshadows lately and I don't have this color so lots of fun.
  • Sorme Anti Aging Trial Size - I take these little samples when I travel and with my upcoming trips I've been collecting them.  This one says that it is fast drying makeup enhancer instantly evens out skin discolorations, smooths skin texture, and fills in fine lines and wrinkles so that makeup goes on evenly and lasts longer.
So what do you think of my goodies this month? I'm kindof loving them and can't wait to get a good chance to use them all. Over all I came up with a total of $75.82 for my box this month. Not bad since Wantable is only $36 a month if you sign up for the monthly subscription or $40 if you want a one off box.  Wantable also makes it easy to skip a month if you need/want to like I did last month and if you are not completely happy with your box you can send it back. I've not had to try that feature yet but I do like knowing that its there.

Now I have a couple weeks to wait for my next Wantable Intimates box and then a month to get my next makeup box. As its looking recently Wantable has some of my favorite boxes coming. They make me so happy each month.

Happy shopping,

disclaimer: As you can probably tell that is my referral link up there. If you decide to order through me then I will get credits for a future purchase.

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