Tuesday, February 11, 2014

TV Talk Tuesday

You guys know the drill. There are SPOILERS below so read at your own risk. :)

So what did everyone think of the first episode back?  It was ok to me. Carl is not my favorite character but I loved the Michonne stuff and I love how she found them in the end.  The pudding bit was just nasty and I want to know who has that much pudding in their house anyway. Craziness.  It did make more sense to me when I watched the Talking Dead show and they said that this was a direct story from the comics. I don't read the comics so I didn't know that but I'm sure those people were like Yes finally.  My understanding is we are going to get a couple of the stand alone type episodes here at the beginning since everyone is all scattered but you know eventually they will all come back together. I can't wait for that.

I'm a little obsessed with the Olympic coverage.  I don't do cold and snowy weather so why this is so interesting to me is beyond me but I do love it. It does however mean that most of my shows are taking a bit of a hiatus so I'm going to work on catching up on shows I'm behind on.

One of the shows I was catching up on was The Tomorrow People.  I really like this show but I was a couple episodes behind until I read a FB comment from a friend about something that happened this week she did not see coming. Well that was enough to peak my interest and I had to catch up. Well let me say if you haven't seen last weeks then stop now but I had no clue. I like the show wanted us to thought it was his brother just coming into his powers but for it to be his mom. Wow just Wow. This explains a lot but it also leads us to so many more questions.  I just can't wait to see what is going to happen next.

So what are you guys watching now? Anything I need to catch up on?  I think I've decided to dump Revenge just sitting down to watch it is not something I'm looking forward to so I think its time for it to go. :( I haven't watched any episodes of Arrow yet this season but I really want to watch those. I think that might be my next binge worthy show.  Just the eye candy alone is enough to keep me watching that one ;) And if you don't follow Stephen Amell on FB you totally need to. He is hysterical and he posts fun little pictures all the time. He definitely knows his audience and plays to them.  We need to get him a convention so that we can meet him like we did the Supernatural boys. That is one I would be up to catching. LOL

Have a great TV watching week. Don't OD on the Olympics and if you are in the areas getting bad weather stay safe.

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