Friday, February 21, 2014

Citrus Lane February 2014 Box

One of the boxes I got the other day was my Citrus Lane box for this month. I haven't gotten them in a couple months but due to a friend ;) we are getting it again.  I get this box for C but I have him aged up a little bit so we get things he can move into so this month he got a box for a 39month old. Citrus Lane  is a monthly subscription box for kids age 0-5 for $29 a month but that price goes down if you buy a longer subscription.

I had seen spoilers for this month but there was some variations so I was curious to see what we would get. Some people actually had gotten an email to pick one of the items in their box.  We didn't get that email and Citrus Lane  said it was something they were trying out so maybe next time we will get to too.

This months goodies:

  • Zoo Storage bin from Skip Hop - This was the item that some people got to pick.  They were sent and email and could select which one they wanted. Since we didn't get the email and we don't have a certain Skip Hop pattern going on here I didn't really care which one we got. We got the doggie and it is really cute. C already has his stuff in it but I'm thinking of taking his toys out and using it on the bookcase to hold some of the bigger books we have.  I saw someone do this and its a great idea.
  • Tie-Up Shoe from Plan Toys - C is way to young ( at least in my opinion) to learn to tie his shoes but we have been working on it a bit with N so this will come in handy and once N is done we will have it for C too.  Gotta love toys that can go for both kids.
  • Skip Through the Seasons from Barefoot Books - We love books in our house and have always liked the Barefoot books we have received.  This one is already set aside for a read this weekend.
  • Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream from Juice Beauty - My hands are so dry right now with this weather and I am using so much lotion. I already set this one on the counter for use.
If you get Citrus Lane  boxes what did you get in your box?  Do you age up your kids? I haven't decided if its a good thing or not since it seems I always like something in the boxes for the other group. LOL If you click through my link to check out or sign up for Citrus Lane  you will get 50% off your first box and I get credits for the Citrus Lane  store. Win-Win for us both. :)  I'm so thankful to be getting this box again and I can't wait for next month.


disclaimer: This post contains my referral link up there and as I said you get 50% off your first box and I get credits for their store. Thanks.

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